How We Changed the Trajectory of our Lives by Creating and Impacting by Design!

"Because when you act as if your experience is created from the outside in, you will experience yourself as a victim. The minute you take responsibility for creating your experience from the inside out, you reclaim your position as the creator of your life.”

From Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life by Michael Neill

Do you ever feel like your life is being controlled by others and by circumstances? Do you ever just want to STOP the craziness and breathe? Do you ever catch yourself asking who you are and why you are here? Have all those things you dreamed about when you were young and carefree slipped so far away that you can barely remember them?

It’s funny how all those feelings and thoughts can happen at any age or stage in life. We are a mother and a daughter in much different seasons of life, yet we have so much in common. We both realized that life was speeding by much too quickly and we yearned for things to change. But how can you change things when you have so many responsibilities and everything seems so carved in stone?

We believe that if we truly want to change the way things are, that we have the power to do it. We believe that God has given us each gifts, dreams, and a purpose and that He has sourced us with all the things that we need to bring them to fruition. Did we always feel this way? No! But now we know through our experiences that creating the life we want can be a reality. It took lots of faith and courage, but we did it and we are NOT looking back!

Today begins our blogging journey! It’s a wonderful day to celebrate because we have indeed changed the trajectory of our lives. With this blog, it is our hope and desire that by sharing our stories, together and separately, we will inspire and offer courage to others who also feel compelled to get reconnected with their dreams and hopes, to make their lives more fulfilling and purpose-filled, and to create the future that they long for!

Dale and Elizabeth

Come join us as we take this journey together. Please share your dreams and hopes in the comments.

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