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Join us for 30 days towards a healthier you! Even if you don't know where to start, we are here to support you in this first step! Our 30 day challenge group will provide you with recipes, motivation, nutrition tips, support from a community of others and more!!!

To join us:


  1. Pick one thing to do to go GREEN for 30 days (reduce plastics, go paperless, no straws, start a compost etc.)

  2. Choose a vitamin- Shaklee Vitalizer or Vita -Lea multivitamin

  3. Choose your Shaklee Life Shake protein flavor

  4. Start using the Basic H cleaner set - window, all purpose & degreaser non-toxic cleaners

                To order we recommend starting with the Shaklee Healthprint

Best Option 1:

Vitalizing Plan (Vitalizer + 2 Life Shake canisters) - $160*+ tax & shipping

(comes with Free Membership, Free Shipping and Free Healthy Cleanse)

Better Option 2: 

Essentials Plan (Vita Lea, Omega Guard + 1 Life Shake canister) - $76.45* + tax & shipping

Good Option 3: 

Vita Lea and 1 Life Shake canister - $65* + tax & shipping


*Member Price, membership cost is $19.95