Get YOUR Personalized Plan! Nutrition That Knows What You Need. 

Welcome to science-based daily supplement packs made just for you and delivered to your door.

  • Meology delivers a product that is made for YOU, not someone like you, to meet your individual needs.

  • Takes the guess work out of choosing the right nutrition supplements.

  • Provides a truly precise, personalized nutrition plan.

Meology™ Overview

At Shaklee, we believe you can be your healthiest self when you have a personalized nutrition solution created for you. Not someone like you. And after 60+ years of trail-blazing science we’re revolutionizing personalized nutrition with Meology, a supplement program that is precise and powerful. It’s clinically backed nutrition, that based on 1,000+ factors, knows exactly what you need.


Take our quick assessment and we’ll create the ideal daily plan for you.

You exactly. Meology. Nutrition Made Personal.


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